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PLEASE NOTE:  Do not bookmark individual digital resources.  CLASS PASS resources must be accessed via APS MyBackPack or the CLASS PASS @ APS link (www.fulcolibrary.org/class) in order for your APS Employee ID to work properly.  This page includes all databases available to APS students and employees through the CLASS PASS @ APS project.  Check back frequently as we continue to add new resources. 

Click here to view the Quick Start Guide for APS employees.

If you need to go back to the CLASS PASS @ APS portal at any time, simply visit fulcolibrary.org/class. 

Requires employee to create a username and password using email address (register an account) | User should still use their Employee ID when prompted for library card number

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mango languages hoopla digital
Learning Express  rb digital tutor.com
Universal Class        

Requires user to login with EMPLOYEE ID and PIN

342 30 55 axis 512x512 overdrive app ereadkids                                                    
axis360 Overdrive eread kids    

Requires user to login with EMPLOYEE ID only

131597-283x300 AppIcon TERC GVRL                                                   
Animal Life  Testing & Reference
Virtual Reference                     

Works outside of school with Fulton Library Galileo password only (click here to get current password) 

Academic Search        

Does not require login or password

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African-Amer. History Science Online World Cinema Video      



Requires AlphaNumeric Combination of Lawson Number as follows (WB + 8 letters + 4 numbers): 
For students: Students should add a WB in front of their username (APS assigned 8 letters + 4 numbers). Example: If a student’s CLASS PASS is KPULLMAN1234, the student would type WBKPULLMAN1234. This code is case sensitive; caps are needed. If student name is shorter than 8 characters, fill in the letter "A" until 8 characters are reached. For example Jane Doe’s CLASS PASS username for World Book is WBJDOEAAAA1234.

For employees: Employees should use their Lawson number with the WB naming convention (WB + 8 letters + 4 numbers) with the first four of their Lawson number (employee ID). If their name is Jane Ferguson with a Lawson number of 123456, their username would be WBJFERGUSO1234. If the employee's name is Jane Doe, the username would be WBJDOEAAAA1234.  

world book online                                                                          
World Book Online                              


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