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Director’s Blog




Thank you for taking the time to visit the new Director's blog. I hope you will find this page useful as I share information about new things happening at Fulton County Library System.  I hope to share information with you about new books and materials, digital resources and programming at the library.

I will enjoy sharing books I am currently reading and will appreciate hearing from you and even learning about books you might recommend for me!

Director's Blog

Director's Blog: October 28, 2020

We are in the fourth quarter of a year that has seen nothing but challenges and change. It is true that the only thing constant is change.

Director's Blog: October 19, 2020

It is going to be a great week! I believe that to be true because I have good news!

Director's Blog: September 21, 2020

Hello and thank you for embracing Curbside Service. It is going well because of you and the Library’s dedicated staff. Taking books and…

Director's Blog: September 9, 2020

September is Library Card Sign up Month! There is nothing more empowering or exciting than getting your own library card.

Director's Blog: August 24, 2020

This comes to you hoping that as we move toward fall, you are coping with other daily changes with a calm resolve. The Library has…

Director's Blog: August 11, 2020

Well, we are still moving forward. Thank you for embracing curbside service as we continue to brave the new world of COVID-19. Your…

Director's Blog: July 29, 2020

This is an exciting week for the Fulton County Library System. I am pleased to announce the arrival of 8 new digital resources.

Director's Blog: July 14, 2020

This continues to be what I call an “interesting time.” It is my hope that you and your family and friends are doing well. As we wind…

Director's Blog: July 7, 2020

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4 th of July weekend. We may be celebrating this differently this year, but my hope for you is…

Director's Blog: November 16, 2020

Time continues to move forward no matter what we do, or don’t do. All of us have worked hard to revise and revamp our personal and…

Resolve to Read - Summer 2020 Update

The library continues to hold online programs like Storytime, book clubs, cooking shows, adult storytime and more.

Resolve to Read - June 2020

Have you been spending your summer catching up on your reading? We know this summer has proven to be unlike any other before COVID-19. …

Resolve to Read - April 2020

While we have all been spending more and more time at home, digital services from your library are more important than ever! Did you know…
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