Director’s Blog – November 2023

During the week I heard someone mention that our goals should center on “holding the light.”   There was no conversation around that phrase, but it brought many things to mind.  I think it is aligned with the idea of each of us actively seeking our north star.  It seems that by combining that thought and seeking our north star, each of us will bring to bear our pathways to learning, change, improvement, and securing our dreams.  Perhaps studying the works of great creators in various fields such as philosophy, poetry; art; music; science and other areas will broaden our perspectives, and/or underscore our previous thoughts. 

Most likely identifying our north star will not require a great investment of money or time.  Perhaps it will not be necessary to pursue higher education; or take a course or workshop.  It just may mean spending some time on the computer researching topics of interest or reading some books, seeking what has been written and those things that may have been determined to be authoritative insight.

As keepers of print and online resources, those of us who work in libraries want to point you to all sorts of materials that may help you along your quest.  You may find yourself inundated with items to review if left up to Library staff.  Just know that the Library is available to assist you, 24/7, with your literacy and learning needs.

Come inside during operating hours or go online to and spend some time.  Those clicks on your laptop will open numerous experiences that can nurture your North Star.

Hold the light.