Friends of the Library

Who are Friends of the Library?
Friends of the Library organizations are separate nonprofit organizations from the library and are made up of caring, involved people of all ages who support a strong public library system for the benefit of the community. Friends enrich the library in many ways including:

    • Friends volunteer in libraries helping with many important tasks and projects.
    • Friends focus public attention on library services and advocate for libraries to get the support they need.
    • Friends sponsor programs and cultural activities to involve the community in the library.
    • Friends enhance the library by donating important items or by funding programs that are not in the library's budget.
    • Most Friends organizations hold book sales to raise money for the library and have membership fees.

    How can I become a Friend?
    Contact the branch near you that has a Friends group. Membership fees vary from group to group. If there is not a Friends group at your branch, contact the branch manager and let him or her know of your interest or call the Volunteer Services Manager at 404-612-9479. We will get you information on how to form a group and help you find others who share your interest.

    All Friends organizations are separate nonprofit organizations that raise awareness and funds for library programs and supplies. Contact the branch manager or call the Volunteer Services Manager at 404-612-9479 to leave your information for the Friends group leader and we will have them contact you directly about membership. Most Friends groups meet monthly and have scheduled book sales or ongoing book store hours and a few have their own websites. THANK YOU to these amazing volunteers.

    Adams Park Branch (since 2001)
    Adamsville/Collier Heights Branch (since 2001)
    Friends of the Alpharetta Library- Sales, Store (since 1980)
    Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History (since 1999)
    Buckhead Branch- Store  (since 1929)
    Central Library & Library System Headquarters (since 2002)
    East Atlanta Branch- Store, W (since 2004)
    East Point Branch- Store (since 1994)
    Friends of the East Roswell Library- Sales, Store (since 2013)
    Kirkwood Branch (since 2016)
    Metropolitan Branch- Store  (since 2016)
    Friends of the Milton Library- Sales, Store (since 2013)
    Friends of the Northeast/Spruill Oaks Library- Sales, Store (since 1998)
    Northside Branch- Sales, Store (since 1998)
    Friends of the Ocee Library- Store (since 2002)
    Palmetto Branch- Store  (since 2014)
    Peachtree Branch- Store  (since 2000)
    Ponce de Leon Branch- Sales, Store (since 2014)
    Friends of the Roswell Library- Sales, Store  (since 1984)
    Friends of the Sandy Springs Library- Sales, Store (since 1985)
    South Fulton Branch- Store (since 2008)

    Additional State and Federal Resources
    Friends of the Georgia Libraries
    American Library Association

    Where can I donate books?
    At this time Friends groups are not operating at the libraries because all volunteer projects are on hold. No book donations are being accepted for the safety of patrons, staff and volunteers. We will post an update when this changes. Thank you for your patience. Please contact Better World Books regarding their donation drop box locations. 

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