Business Resources

Data Axle (formerly Reference USA)

Research database for Neighborhood Planning Units, small businesses, and social organizations for marketing, canvassing, and planning.

Learning Express with Job and Career Accelerator

The Learning Express platform contains many learning tools for all ages! With practice tests and study materials at every level.

Business & Leadership

Timeless tips for succeeding in business and inspiring stories from those who made it to the top.

Careers and Business

Resumes and cover letters alone won't get you a job; rather, they'll help you win an interview. Here is a list of books that maybe helpful.



Career Development

Linkedin Learning

Best in class online learning platform, learn design, business, programming, data science and so much more!

Universal Class

Universal Class is a platform for continuing education, over 500 online self-paced continuing education classes for adults in many subjects.

Peterson's Test Prep (formerly TERC)

This platform still offers help with everything from basic math skills to prepare for the LSAT.

Mango Languages

This free of charge language learning platform is one of the most popular electronic resources used by Fulton County Library System patrons!


New Business & Related Books

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