Director’s Blog – January 2024

One thing, now obvious to me, is that the only thing that is constant is change.

That statement is evident as time changes; and circumstances, plans, and many other things take on different aspects.  Although not always easy, we can control much of what change brings.

A new year brings with it changes, new things, old things, and perhaps ideas on adapting to them in varying ways.  This is the year that I plan to read different genres of books. A few years ago, I discovered a fondness for reading biographies and autobiographies.  This year I will read more of them. 

Also, I am seeking to build an appreciation for writers unfamiliar to me.  I recently discovered the work of Boo Walker.  Yes, “Boo.”  I have yet to discover if his name is tied to his writing in any special way.  He is the author of The Stars Don’t Lie; The Singing Trees; and A Spanish Sunrise.   Boo also writes thrillers under the pen name, Benjamin Blackmore.  Since he lives in Maine, among lighthouses, which I love, it seems I should check out his books.  You may be well ahead of me and already know many books by Boo.  But I intend to join you as soon as I can find the time. 

Last, but not least, one of the most exciting things this year will be the announcement of the 2024 One Book, One Read selection.  Hopefully, it will be a book you will find very interesting.  The plan is to let that secret out very soon, so everyone will have time to read and talk about it.  It promises to be a discussion starter. 

Come inside a Fulton County Library and begin your touchpoint journey.  Watch out, because doing so may lead to change.