Director’s Blog – December 2023

Happy holidays; and the best of the new year to you, your family, and friends!  

There are numerous libraries throughout the nation and the world.  People continue to attest to their usefulness.   We who work in libraries are grateful to you for your continued support.

A few days ago, a grandmother, who is also a patron, wrote to say how much her granddaughter loves the library, especially the space.  It is so gratifying to know that the floors and walls housing so many books and materials are appreciated, even by a small child.  Her experiences within those spaces may not be the same for everyone else and may just be uniquely hers to remember and share as she grows up. 

As time passes, Library employees get to see various generations of patrons. Often, it’s the grandparents who introduce children to the libraries, thus increasing their bond.  Parents and other caregivers frequent the facilities and join the kids in a love of learning, reading, and exploring what the shelves offer.

As the year comes to an end, it is hoped that the Library has been an integral part of your 2023 journey.   You are always invited to stop by one of the 34 libraries and be a part of the action.  Allow us to assist you with your learning, literacy, leisure reading, and digital needs. 

Exciting things are around the corner when 2024 arrives.  Stay tuned to see what you just may find out you’ve been missing.   Hurry to the library.  Sit down for a while and turn the pages of a book.  Get excited to read the words of others; view pictures of things you may not have seen before; start learning a new language; sign up for a class; stay for a program.  Afterwards, tell someone about it.   You may make a difference in their journey.