Directors Blog – September 2023

Hello everyone. Well, the much anticipated One Book, One Read event is almost here. The date is September 30, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. at the Central Library. It promises to be a great evening to discuss The Personal Librarian with the book’s authors, Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray. The program is funded by the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library Foundation and is the second year that the Library System has presented the event as one of its signature programs. You are invited to participate.

Book clubs around the Library System have spent many hours discussing it and sharing opinions about the historical fiction piece. Visit our website at for information about it and all programs taking place around the Library System.


A County-wide book reading fits in well at this time of the year as we slow things down a bit and ease into fall. Soon the 4th quarter of 2023 will be upon us. Although no one has a crystal ball to preview up-and-coming happenings, the libraries have a lot to offer. Visit your nearby library on a regular basis as you begin to plan holiday activities. While there, pick up a copy of the latest “Library Access” to read about authors visiting in October and the upcoming Children’s Book Festival.


You may want to get away from your usual routine and add something else that will help to keep you knowledgeable and motivated. Think of a subject, visit your nearest library, and read all about it. Share what you learned and encourage a family member or friend to do the same. Learning can be there for each of us, no matter how often we seek to enhance it. Finally, the good thing about public libraries is that they are free.


Don’t forget your library card. It opens untold opportunities.

--Gayle H. Holloman