Director’s Blog – May 2023

Graduations, weddings, bridal, and baby showers; picnics; barbecues; concerts; pool time; and many other things are on our minds at this time of the year.  As the days stretch along with daylight saving time, our minds start to focus on how we can mingle with family and friends.    Where can you turn?

Don’t forget you can come inside the libraries and use computers to research gifts; music; food; clothes and all sorts of things as you get ready to embark on the social scene.  Congratulations on those milestones that you are facing now.  Some of you may be retiring; some just starting new jobs; or just arriving in town or returning to old roots.  Head to your local library for research; to get or renew your library card; and see how your favorite library has changed.

The libraries are filled with light, air, activities, art, and, at times, music. The staff are preparing for the Summer Reading Program which will start on June 1st.  Along with that, you will be able to check out the next book selection of the annual One Book, One Read (OBOR) Event, The Personal Librarian, by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher Murray.  The in-person book talk by the authors will be the culminating program, where you can meet the writers and hear about a fascinating woman, ahead of her time who bore an almost life-long secret. 

Get ready to join us on Saturday, September 30th to hear about how that piece of historical fiction went from an idea to a novel and its relevance today. 

The Atlanta-Fulton Public Library Foundation will again fund that reading event.  Last year, because of all of you, it was a huge success, although virtual. Stay tuned for more information about OBOR.  It is one of our signature community events and is made special when you are with us, sharing your thoughts with others.  It helps us join the national ranks of public libraries whose staff and patrons interact as a learned society of people who are okay with not always agreeing.  

Storytime and craft programs will continue to be offered through the rest of the month and into the summer.  Bestsellers are arriving daily.  There is something for everyone; and if not, let us know what you are trying to find; and we will try to help you get it. 

Finally, remember to stop by the Central Library and the Auburn Avenue Research Library and view the things on exhibit.  You should also find some time to peek at the many displays of books at your nearby library.  They may grab your interest.  If so, use that library card!