Directors Blog – July 2024

The month of June is finally here. It signifies the passing of almost half a year. There are times when certain months bring memories that take me back to other days.

Lately, I’ve been thinking back to my 17-year-old self. June of that year was pivotal in my life because of my high school graduation and because a lot of planning was going on around me and in my head. The months of May and June signify turning points in the lives of tons of people all around the world. Throughout life, there will be things to ponder and decide.

Those turning points are labored over at times, with some people seeking out and appreciating the counsel of family and friends and those who serve as mentors and well-wishers. It also helps to read about aspects of those plans while deciding on what actions will be needed. That’s where the public library can be of assistance.

Come into your local library and identify materials to assist you as you plan your future.

There may be grand plans on your horizon, or you might like to take things slow and easy, building on them as you move forward. That’s fine too.

I’ve found that libraries offer information on new possibilities for education, travel, work, and advocacy. It helped me to begin to see myself as a citizen of the world.

Decades since my 17th year, books have been right there beside me, to read, share and quote.

Make libraries a part of your life experiences. Think about being a citizen of the world.


~ Gayle Holoman