Director’s Blog – March 2023

Women’s History Month is a celebration and recognition of the contributions of women throughout the world.  The month of March is filled with reflections within historical contexts as well as tributes to the women of today.   

A contribution is made each day, by all of us, whether it is a good one or a bad one.   When that day passes, history has been made.  That is why it is so important to chart our course and step into our destiny.  We know that not everyone can truly define their destiny, and many people live their entire lives seeking it.  However, you will find as you engage with Library activities this month, that numerous women stepped into their destiny and are still doing so each day. 

Please keep in mind that Women’s History Month focuses not just on famous people.  Think about those unsung “sheroes” who affect our daily lives.  Those women are coffee shop owners; hair stylists; bus drivers; bank tellers; teachers; library employees; mail carriers; construction workers; garbage collectors; housekeepers; mothers; aunts; friends; and many more.  

Take the time to sit with women of different ages and experiences.  They may bring a different perspective to something you’ve been thinking about or point you in a new direction.  It may be especially helpful to spend time talking to various women, of a certain age, for the benefit of their wisdom.  Meet in a library and start chatting. Then, browse the stacks if that conversation inspires you and leads to a quest for more knowledge and information.  We’ll be waiting for you.