Director’s Blog: August 2022

It is back to school time! 

I admit that this time every year I yearn for the start of school.  It was a magical time for me because I got to see friends and teachers that I’d not seen during the summer. 

The other thing I especially looked forward to was receiving my textbooks; and, we did not have bookbags in those days!  There was just something new about starting off the school year with such promise. 

Try to remember back to your days in school.  Perhaps there are some fond memories of August and getting into your classroom and learning. 

Let’s encourage a student as often as possible and let them know the Library is a great place to study and to find resources of all kinds.  Tell them to go online and see the e-resources such as Paper that offers online, real-time tutors in the subject areas.

The libraries have meeting rooms and study rooms.  Students can meet up with friends and use a study room for collaborative work and discussions.  The library card is the key to all those resources.  Ask at the desk.  Staff await your arrival and questions.


For those of us who are now students of the world and not necessarily engaging in formal learning, the libraries still have much to offer.  Come in and read a magazine or newspaper; checkout books and audiobooks; use digital resources, computers, and printers.

Also, don’t forget, there are programs offered throughout the Library System that may be of interest to you, your family, and friends.  The GED and ESL classes have started again, with more on the way, and information available about locations and times.


You can find highlights of Library service and programs on the website, Other places with info are the Library’s podcast; Library Access segment which is broadcast on FGTV; and the newly revised newsletter, LIBRARYACCESS.  It is online and printed copies are available for pick up, in each library of the Fulton County Library System. 


Discussions are ongoing to improve service, programs and materials for your literacy, learning, listening, and leisure reading, needs. 

Let’s kickoff fall with a new commitment to students, the written and spoken word, and all the information offered at your local library.  See you soon.