Director’s Blog – August 2023

Recently, I was fortunate that my car got held at the traffic light as children hurried across the street to enter school on their first day back. Their little faces were full of smiles; some laughed; some skipped, and some dashed to get to their destination. It brought back so many memories of long ago and the first days of school. I always thought of it as rushing to learn.

Just as schools are arbiters of learning, so are libraries. The school’s library and the community’s public library are sister institutions that can kickstart and sustain learning and reading. Writer, Eric Klinenberg, calls libraries Palaces for the People which is also the title of his book. The book goes into detail about the relevance and great importance of shared spaces that can help to address some societal issues.

Libraries have taken their place among coffee shops and other gathering places where people of all ages congregate to mingle, talk, read, and use their laptops. The next great novel may come from someone who has a habit of visiting shared spaces.

Now that Covid-19 is mostly behind us, it is wonderful to see the revitalization of library spaces as centers of opportunity, learning, reading, sharing, discussion, gathering, and attending meetings, programs, and events.

This fall, visit the library and resolve to make that a habit. Don’t forget to get a library card or to renew your current one. It takes only a few minutes to do so. That card will open the online and print world to you. Sit with your favorite book, magazine, or newspaper. Ask the staff for assistance if needed. Find out about upcoming programs and events that may interest you, your family, or friends.

We expect to see you soon!

--Gayle H. Holloman