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Hispanic Heritage and African Influences and Identity

This Readers Advisory list was created in celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month with a focus on African influences and identities.

National Black Business Month

August is National Black Business Month and AARL recognizes Black-owned businesses, Black entrepreneurial journeys and business history.

In Memoriam of Nichelle Nichols

This Reader's Advisory explores the existence of Blackness in Science Fiction while paying homage to Nichelle Nichols.

A History of Racial Violence in America

This list covers racial violence in America by providing resources which focus on America's long history of race massacres.

Read With Black Pride

This list was created by AARL and explore it's history, get lost in PRIDE around the world and catch a glimpse of the future of Black PRIDE.

Caribbean Heritage Month

The purpose of this celebration is to promote cultural awareness particularly in the United States.

Together for Mental Health: How to get B(l)ack to basics.

Let AARL help you get b(l)ack to the basics of mental health with this selected collection of titles.


During the month of May the Auburn Avenue Research Library is celebrating the life, legacy and teachings of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz.

Against All Odds: The Resilience & Greatness of Black Women

This Readers' Advisory was prepared to highlight the accomplishments of Black women all around the world.

"Where Peachtree Meets Sweet Auburn," by Gary M. Pomerantz.

Opening Narrative for a Book Discussion: “Where Peachtree Meets Sweet Auburn.” Prior to the renovations at the Central Library, the Ivan…

The Words and Works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The materials included in this Reader's Advisory presents the words and works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,

Black Representation in Film, TV and Theatre

This Reader's Advisory List includes books and media that discuss how Black Americans have fought and continue to fight racism in Hollywood.

A Guide to Kwanzaa

Kwanzza is an annual celebration of African American culture with a focus on family and social values.

Remembering bell hooks

Author, feminist, and scholar, bell hooks' writing and activism focused on race, gender, and class.

Africana Fashion : Remembering Virgil Abloh

This resource list is in honor of Virgil Abloh and contributions made to the world of fashion by the people of Africa.
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