April 10th – National Library Outreach Work Day

National Library Outreach Work Day Is a day dedicated to celebrating the amazing work of library professionals who are committed to reaching out to their patrons and making sure that everyone has access to library resources.

Library outreach services are really cool because they bring the library to people who might not be able to visit a physical library. For example, bookmobiles stop at local schools, and libraries offer services to community homes. There are even library pop-ups at community gatherings! All of these services are designed to help people learn and enjoy the benefits that the library offers!

Library outreach services are essential because they promote literacy, education, and community engagement. They help people develop their reading skills, expand their knowledge, and improve their quality of life. By bringing the library to people, libraries are able to empower their communities and make a positive difference.

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Let's honor the hard work and dedication of library professionals who are committed to serving their communities. It's a day to celebrate the amazing work that they do and the positive impact that they have on people's lives.

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