April 7th – Ready, Set, Library!

Welcome to National Library Week! This week, we celebrate the incredible resources and services offered by libraries across the country. And to kick off the celebrations, we invite you to download the FulcoLibrary CreativeBug Bingo sheet. This sheet is a fun and engaging way to discover the vast services available to you through your local library!

Participate in a Library Art Program, Craft at the library, Start a Learning Journey, and more! See how you can win a BINGO at your local library!






You can also explore a wide variety of digital resources and challenge yourself to learn something new and exciting. You'll find everything from e-books and audiobooks to online courses and research databases. You'll be able to discover your interests in a whole new way. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download the FulcoLibrary CreativeBug Bingo sheet now and let the adventure begin!

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