Book Review: All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth

Looking for your next read? Check out All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Marcia D.

Billionaires, secret societies, posh prep schools, and beautiful people make the debut novel All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth, an engaging mystery. Written in alternating voices and different decades, this novel follows 17 year-old Charlotte (Charlie) Calloway’s desperate struggle to understand how and why her mother disappeared one warm summer night. When Charlie is invited to join The A’s, a secret society on the campus of Knollwood Augustus Preparatory School, she eagerly accepts and quickly discovers that this shadowy club may have been involved in her mother’s disappearance, as well as the destruction of anyone who doesn’t live up to the club members’ expectations. As Charlie’s past and present begin to intertwine, she begins to doubt everything she has believed about her parents, especially her father.

While the bulk of the storyline is focused on Charlie’s point of view, the reader is also privy to the thoughts of her parents, Grace and Alistair Calloway and how their relationship formed, grew, and ultimately began to fail. Although this novel occasionally crosses into melodrama (think Pretty Little Liars) the honest depiction of Charlie’s relationships with her friends keeps it from going too far and derailing an otherwise intriguing storyline.

All These Beautiful Strangers has the feel and appeal of a young adult novel, from the ages of the main protagonists to the high school setting, so while it is marketed as a book for adults, I prefer to recommend it to older teens (16+) and adults who enjoying reading young adult fiction.

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All These Beautiful Strangers

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