Book Review: Becoming by Michelle Obama

Looking for your next read? Check out Becoming by Michelle Obama, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Jennifer S.

The former First Lady, Michelle Obama is the true expression of the American dream. In this light hearted memoir, the feeling throughout the book is the statement, “Am I good enough? Her reply to herself is, “Yes I am.” This is seen in the First Lady’s ability to overcome barriers such as race, class and gender. This is a story of growing up on Chicago’s Southside in a well-educated and happy, yet poor household. Her achievements include graduating from Ivy League Princeton University and then Harvard University from law school. She was molded by her parents with her determination and strong work ethic. We follow her in her professional career in corporate law, government, and the nonprofit sector. Also we see Obama trying not to lose her identity within her husband’s political career. She addresses their courtship, marriage and the political run for the Presidency. She talks about life in the White House and being under the microscope of the Secret Service.

When the reader reads through the pages of this memoir, Obama makes you feel you are in the room and that you can hear every sound within the room. This is a must read. She writes with passion and honesty. An unbelievable look into this incredible woman’s life.

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