Book Review: Damnation Spring by Ash Davidson

Looking for your next read? Check out Damnation Spring by Ash Davidson, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Ellen B.

Timber is in his blood. His father was a logger, his father’s father was a logger. California’s redwood forest is practically in their backyard. Rich, Colleen and their young son, Chub, have built a life here, despite the fluctuations in pay, the danger of the work and despite Colleen’s miscarriages. Colleen’s work as a mid-wife allows her to see that she is not alone in losing pregnancies. Sanderson, the logging company, has been spraying herbicides for decades, but the spraying is safe, right? Salmon are vanishing from creeks and mudslides are becoming more common. When the “tree huggers” arrive and start protesting, the town becomes divided.

This book is written in a lavish way and descriptions of nature abound. The creeks, the huge redwoods, the map that Chub knows by looking at his little hand – all of these elements make this book a joy to read. There is something here for the thrill seekers as well as the environmentalists. Even those who prefer romance will enjoy the relationship between Rich and Colleen. Check it out today and escape to the redwood forest.

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