Book Review: Finding Home Again by Brenda Jackson

Looking for your next read? Check out Finding Home Again by Brenda Jackson, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Aretha K.

Kaegan Chambray and Bryce Witherspoon are high school sweethearts planning to marry. When Bryce is seen around town with Samuel Abbott, the son of wealthy parents, Kaegan doesn’t pay attention to the rumors. After he returns home from the military to propose to Bryce, Kaegan spots her with Samuel in an intimate embrace. Devastated, he leaves Catalina Cove, not speaking to Bryce for the next ten years.

A death in the family brings Kaegan back to run the family business and he finds out the truth about what really happened between Bryce and Samuel. Now that he knows the truth, can he win her heart back? This book will keep you turning pages all the way to the end. I really enjoy catching up with the other characters from her first two books in this series.

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Finding Home Again

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