Book Review: LMNO Peas, by Keith Baker

Book Review: LMNO Peas, by Keith Baker

By Anne Angstadt

You can't help smiling while watching little green peas sing and dance around the alphabet. My toddler loved the book LMNO Peas by Keith Baker, and he is even more fascinated with this movie version available on Hoopla.

The book depicts little green peas engaged in various activities around each giant alphabet letter. The movie animates the peas using the same colorful images. Young children will love watching the peas doing all kinds of fun things.

We are peas—alphabet peas!

We work and play in the ABCs.

We're acrobats, artists, and astronauts in space.

We're builders, bathers and bikers in a race.

We're climbers, campers, and he's a circus clown.

At end of the story the peas ask “Who are you?” This simple question encourages children to think about what interests make them who they are.

Borrow it today, and I guarantee you will be smiling too!