Book Review: The Girl and the Stars by Mark Lawrence

In the world of Abeth there exists a tribe that lives on top of the glacier.  This is a world mostly wrapped in ice, with nary a patch of land visible excepting a few patches of ocean, at least as far as Yaz knows. Yaz is one of the tribe and the only thing she fears is the pit of the missing. Here an annual gathering takes place and the divergent of the tribe are ceremoniously tossed in. For the reader the story truly begins as Yaz hurtles beneath the ice and into the land mouldering beneath.
Lawrence crafts an ambitious and mostly successful tale that dabbles in love, loss, and above all else mystery. We follow Yaz as she uncovers secrets not widely known about Abeth and the people who once inhabited it. While the story lacks the momentum of a previous trilogy the author wrote set in the same world (Red Sister) it feels as though it fleshes more out of the mysteries and as it draws to a close very much sets the reader up to want to know what happens next.
Recommended for those looking for a new trilogy to escape into, and especially those who like their fantasy liberally mixed with some science fiction.

The Girl and the Stars

Red Sister