Book Review: We Could Be Heroes by Mike Chen

Looking for your next read? Check out We Could Be Heroes by Mike Chen, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Hannah M.

If you woke up one day with no memories of who you were but discovered you had extraordinary abilities, would you become a hero…or a villain? Jamie and Zoe are two such persons, each coping with their sudden memory loss in drastically different ways. While gentle, caring Jamie becomes the Mind Robber (with a guilt-ridden conscience in tow), the brash, drunken, and perpetually annoyed Zoe takes on the crime-fighting persona of the Throwing Star. When the Throwing Star and Mind Robber discover each other’s civilian alter ego at a memory loss support group, they realize there’s a lot more to themselves than what they can remember.

Together, they uncover a sinister plot behind their memory loss, and the reason why they have these extraordinary powers. Determined to find out who they really are, and get to the bottom of everything, they form an unlikely friendship. If you’re a reader who enjoys humor, adventure, mad scientists, and mystery, We Could Be Heroes is the light-hearted journey that just might save the day.

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