Celebrate Terry Pratchett Day!

April twenty-eighth is Terry Pratchett day! If you are unfamiliar with this satirist's works, you may have seen the television series based on the novel he wrote with his good friend Neil Gaiman, Good Omens. Sir Terry Pratchett's fiction work spans five decades and many genres, but everything he wrote was both funny and layered with history and meaning.

If you've never read any Pratchett, we've compiled some lists of his work to help you get started! Pratchett was so prolific during his lifetime, guides are very much needed.

You can use the Always Available Terry Pratchett Author Sampler to browse the stand-alone novels, including Good Omens. If you've only read Pratchett's books set in Discworld, it's worth your time to read through this list and visit with some of his other worlds, which include science fiction and satires of classic British literature.

If you're ready to jump into Discworld, the fantasy land Pratchett created as a setting to satirize modern life and parody classic works like Shakespeare and western pop culture tropes, let the lists below be your guides.

If you've never read any Terry Pratchett, you can start with any of the lists below that interest you. Starting one series requires no knowledge of any of Pratchett's other works.

Download the Complete Death of Discworld Series if you're a huge fan of Good Omens, and want to read more about the personification of Death that inhabits all Pratchett's works. 

Download the Complete City Watch of Discworld Series if you want to read Pratchett's hilarious takes on tropes of every pop culture genre from fantasy novels themselves to buddy cop movies. This series is often noted for its critique of policing, issues of racial and gender equity, multiculturalism, and class that were decades ahead of American culture when published.

Download the Complete Witches of Discworld Series if you're into fantasies that are centered around the supernatural and want to read parodies of Shakespeare and twentieth century new-age practices. The witches series treats the history and tropes surrounding British witchcraft and folklore with both humor and respect.

Download the Complete Wizards of Discworld Series if you want to read Pratchett's earlier work (the first two novels in this series were the first Pratchett set in Discworld). This series tackles issues of British academia, early computing (these were mostly written in the 1980's), pulp fiction tropes, and world politics.

Download the Complete Tiffany Aching Series if you want to start with a perfectly executed and hilarious take on the "fairies stole my little brother" tale, and end with the very last story set in Discworld. This series is often marketed as YA fiction, but is so masterfully written that it is enjoyed by readers of all ages.

For more information all all things Discworld, visit The Discworld Emporium. If fantasy and humor is not what you're in the mood for this week, be sure to browse our Instantly Available page for more content, and be sure to scroll down to see our Author Sampler lists! These lists offer downloadable guides to many great writers of different genres, with everything from Flannery O'Connor to Danielle Steel represented. Bookmark the Author Sampler collection tag to watch it grow as a new author collection will be added weekly.