Check out ebooks and eAudiobooks on Nonprofit Management

Check out Candid’s ebooks and eAudiobooks in Overdrive on philanthropy and nonprofit management.

Lucky people who read blogs will discover they can borrow books for free from Candid’s own Overdrive collection, opens a new window. Both ebook and eAudiobook formats are offered.

Topics include grantseeking, entrepreneurs working for good, building and maintaining your board, effective social change, innovation, fundraising, advocacy and activism, and diversity. In addition to new additions under “Just Added”, you’ll also find the basic how-to handbooks for starting and managing your nonprofit.

This Overdrive collection works the same way as Fulton County Library System’s does: set up an account, browse, choose,  and download onto your preferred reading device. 

Many of these are titles that are unavailable at the library - just a little extra bonus since the library system is a Funding Information Network location.