Earth Day Resources for Educators

Are you a teacher or working with a home schooler? Fulton County Library System has loads of support materials online to help!  The World Almanac for Kids has complete lesson plans keyed to different educational standards, including graphic organizers, printable handouts, science projects, and more. 

Looking for video to go with your Earth Day education? A small sample of videos for younger viewers can be found on our list Always Available Earth Day Downloads for Kids, but if you're filling out a lesson plan or working with more sophisticated learners, the screenshots below can help uncover better content to suit your needs.

Searching across all Infobase resources for Earth Day material will bring up great content like the 2020 PBS series Power Trip: The Story of Energy. You can search for videos not only by keyword or topic on Access Video, but by educational standard for your lesson plans - below are screen shots to show you how.

When logged in, just click the "Browse Standards" link next to the search box, as circled in red in the image below:

Then choose your Educational Standard. While most schools in Fulton County use the Georgia Standards, CORE and other standards are options in this search interface. You can then choose your grade level and subject to view the standards.

While most schools in Fulton County use the Georgia Standards, CORE and other standards are options in this search interface.

Once the standards come up, just scroll down and click the underlined link next to the standard tied to your lesson plan. Not every standard will have a list of videos to link to a result, but keep clicking! Often the results will be in a subcategory.

Clicking the numbered cirriculum standard will turn up a page of videos that can be cited to the standard for lesson plans

You will then get a list of videos that meet the educational standard you picked! Be sure to sort the videos Newest to Oldest to get the most up-to-date information first, as Access Video does contain many historical videos for research purposes. Clicking the standard S6E6.c gave the results list pictured below with 52 videos for educators to choose from. All Access Videos integrate with Google Classroom, and have clipping tools to allow teachers to focus their students on the information most relevant to their students. Full transcription and citation tools are also available for most content.

Clicking on a numbered standard won't always generate a list of results, but keep trying! These results come up under S6E6.c.