Feeling STEAMy?

It's hot enough outside at this time of year in Atlanta that after a rain steam will sometimes rise off blacktop roads. If you or others around you have ever wondered why and how that happens, you may be interested in another kind of STEAM - the movement over the past decade to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math education to Americans of all ages.

Fulton County Library System offers loads of STEAM education content in our digital library. If you're an educator yourself, you might be interested in Hoopla's 2021 STEAM look book, which highlights always available material on Hoopla as an eMagazine below. Of course, our Science Online and Today's Science platforms through Infobase are always available for timelines and graphics that easily embed into presentations or many Learning Management Systems like Google Classroom.

We even have loads of content from publishers like Maker Media! Their video series, showing how to construct everything from Ping Pong Machines to a Georgia State Key Ring and Coat Rack can connect STEAM core concepts into concrete reality. You can find the best content from Make Media available in our Overdrive collection Feeling STEAMy.