HIdden Legal Figures: a local Atlanta podcast

Hidden Legal Figures Website: https://www.hiddenlegalfigures.com/

Visit Hidden Legal Figures for a unique perspective on the American Civil Rights movement revealing how lawyers and judges helped create change. Hosted by Derrick Alexander Pope, Hidden Legal Figures is the flagship initiative of The Arc of Justice Foundation.  The podcast gives listeners the chance to hear interviews and discussions with historians, academics, lawyers, and those who worked alongside civil rights legal figures. Each episode varies in scope, ranging from large legal battles in Brown v. Board of Education to local conflicts like Donald Lee Hollowell’s fight to desegregate the University of Georgia. The podcast also spotlights early 19th century African American legal figures, such as Jane Bolin who, in 1939, became the first African American female judge in the nation's history, and Constance Baker Motley. If you’re looking for courtroom drama, we would recommend the episodes on Noah Parden, a Georgia born lawyer who, in 1906, became one of the first African American attorneys to serve as lead counsel before the United States Supreme Court in a dramatic and controversial criminal case.

For an extended preview, visit their Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9H_bkNneGcM

The Hidden Legal Figures podcast can be found on their website, Spotify, and on Apple Podcasts.