Kids Current Events Corner

Do you have a curious mind? Do you like learning about people in in other parts of the world? Do you enjoy interesting, real world stories?

Welcome to the Kids Current Events Corner at Northside!

Every couple of weeks we rotate current event stories written for kids. Sometimes these articles are also written by kid reporters!

We highlight books on our primary topic right next to the article so you can keep on reading and exploring. Grab a copy of any article that attracts your eye. 

So far our topics have included:

  • "Hurricane Ian"
  • "Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples' Day? The Debate Continues" 
  • "Don't Throw Away the Halloween Pumpkins, Recycle Them!" 
  • "Hunger Warrior in Ohio Makes a Difference"
  • "Teenager Recreates Entire Known Universe in Minecraft"

You'll find it in our Children's Nonfiction and Ready Reference area.  Is your interest piqued?