Micro Reviews: What are FCLS Librarians Reading?

FCLS Library Staff shares what they've been reading lately!

Valentine, by Elizabeth Wetmore

By Adrienne Duris, Youth Services Librarian

Valentine, by Elizabeth Wetmore (Adult Fiction) it is about a young Mexican girl who is sexually assaulted by a local cowboy and the community must decide where the law lies and who to believe. It takes place in 1976 in Texas.  Excellent book, highly recommended


The Lake of Dead Languages, by Carol Goodman

By Ginny Collier, Collection Manager (Auburn)

Carol Goodman's first book, The Lake of Dead Languages, is my favorite of hers.

The Lake of Dead Languages

Nonviolent Communication, by Marshall Rosenberg

By Odell Horne, Library Assistant

The thesis of the book is how people can get in touch with their feelings and communicate their needs more effectively. The author cautions how making value judgments hinders communication. He stresses that individuals should not make evaluations when observing other's behavior. He gives a funny story on how engineers need to identify and express their feelings better (it was hilarious)! He places an emphasis on empathy and compassion in listening and speaking, even if you disagree with someone. Anger should only be used in self-defense (protective use of force). Make sure that you use positive words, not negative ones. And do not give unsolicited advice!!! Some people just want to be heard, they are looking for a solution to their problem.

I found this book to be right-brained and blissful, while some will see this book as unrealistic. Whatever your view, the world would be better if we used nonviolent communication to express our thoughts and feelings.

Nonviolent Communication