More about Carolyn B.

Lifetime library user, professional librarian. (she/her)

Here are some things I enjoy reading and/or recommending:  
speculative fiction 
urban fantasy 
graphic novels and comic books 
YA fiction 
juvenile fiction 
quilting and crafts 
true crime
offbeat memoirs

But honestly, I can help you with anything.  It’s my job! 

A bit about me--I like to have a couple of different books in progress at any given time so I can match my reading to my mood.  I also like TV shows, movies, and podcasts about all these topics.  Sometimes I read things while watching shows and movies because I want enjoy as many things at once as I can.  Thank goodness for podcasts and audiobooks because it was really hard to walk safely while reading books.  (Although I have managed it on occasion.)  There are too many interesting books and not enough time!!!