Native American History in Georgia

With abundant resources in our lush river valleys and along the coast, it's no wonder that as long as humans have known about this land, it's been settled! Georgia has been a land of many cultures since the arrival of the first humans tens of thousands of years ago.

This Native American Heritage Month, why not check out a book from our collection on Overdrive and the Libby app and learn more about the first nations? While tribes like the Seminole and Cherokee are widely known, November is a great time to learn about people who are lesser known, like The Savannah River Band of Uchee, the Timucua, or the many descendants of American Indians and African Americans. 

For more local history connections to Native American History Month, use our American Indian History portal from Infobase to read about the landmark Supreme Court case Cherokee Nation v. Georgia or read about the many tribes of the Southeast cultural area. Drawing from such reference sources as The Smithsonian's Handbook of North American Indians, citing sources from top University scholarly sources, and providing a long list of primary resources, Infobase American Indian History  is a great resource for learners at every level. Images and timelines can be embedded into presentations, and the biographies available of notable figures and current issues can provide a modern context for those learning about indigenous peoples.

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