New Year, New Garden!

As we enter into the new year, now is the time to begin thinking of your New Year’s resolutions. They can be habits you want to form, such as exercising, eating healthier or learning a new skill. Gardening is one activity that ticks off all these boxes. People often think of gardening as solely a spring and summer activity, but this ignores the planning phase of a new or returning garden. January is the perfect time to plan for a year of fruitful harvests.

University of Georgia (UGA) cooperative extension has a helpful vegetable garden calendar that tracks different gardening steps you can do each month. January is the highlighted as the time to decide what you wish to plant and prepare your soil and/or planters. UGA extension offices offer soil testing to discover any potential deficiencies to supplement for the best possible yield. While it is a useful tool, soil testing is not a requirement for a successful garden. By observing the growth and general health of your crops, it is possible to identify any potential deficiencies. There are also general-purpose fertilizers and nutrient blends that can be used to supplement the soil in advance.

There are a variety of books and videos available for both digital and physical checkout. I have linked a book list that showcases the wide variety of resources available. Another trusted resource is the UGA cooperative extension website, they offer a wide variety of articles and publications on everything from gardening to fermenting. Future blog posts will dive into what to do with your impressive summer produce, whether it's storebought or home grown!


UGA Cooperative Vegetable Garden Calendar - Vegetable Garden Calendar | UGA Cooperative Extension

Fulton County | UGA Extension Home Page - Fulton County (

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