Picture Book Review: Gwendolyn’s Pet Garden by Anne Renaud

Looking for your next read? Check out Gwendolyn's Pet Garden by Anne Renaud, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Kate L.

Gwendolyn’s most fervent wish is to have a pet to care for and love. She’s willing to accept any pets, two legged, four legged or even ten legged ones. But her parents say no to all, blaming it on allergies. Instead, they gift her a bed of soil for a garden or, as Gwendolyn sees it, a box of yucky smelling dirt.

Though she has her doubts, Gwendolyn sets to work on her little garden. She reads about gardening and get seeds from the seed library. Every day she checks on her garden, waters it when it needs it, talks to the seeds and eagerly waits for them to grow.
Gwendolyn’s hard work pays off as one day sprouts appear and then more and more come out. She is just bursting with happiness at the sight of this and names every single one of them.

She may not have gotten a conventional pet, but she got her wish to have something to care for and love and watch grow…and isn’t that what counts the most?

The illustrations are vibrant and colorful, and one can really see all of Gwendolyn’s emotions throughout the story. Check out this sweet book from the Fulton County Library System.

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Gwendolyn's Pet Garden from eReadKids

Gwendolyn's Pet Garden

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