Picture Book Review: Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O’Connell

Looking for your next read? Check out Ten Timid Ghosts by Jennifer O'Connell, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Kate L.

What happens when a witch moves into a house full of ghosts? So glad you asked! As you might imagine.... a lot!!

On the top of a hill in a giant haunted house live ten timid ghosts whose lives are perfect until a witch decides to move in. Now this witch is not there to make friends with these ghosts. In fact, she wants them all out!

The witch dresses up as a vampire, a mummy and a zombie, and using other scary Halloween props like a giant spider and a skeleton, she scares all the ghosts out of the house one by one.

Getting over the shock of it all, the ghosts realize that it was just the witch who scared them. They decide to band together and take back their home. They sneak up on the unsuspecting witch and give her the scare of her life. She runs away screaming, never to be heard from
again. The ghosts happily settle in, and all is well again, just in time for the trick or treaters to come on Halloween night.

This is a cute book for young readers, full of rhymes and a countdown in which they can guess how many ghosts are left on the next page.
Happy Halloween!

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Ten Timid Ghosts

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