Q & A with Board of Trustees Member Paul Kaplan

Why did you decide to accept an appointment to the Library Board of Trustees?

I am passionate about libraries and their role in our community. After serving in Illinois for over 20 years as a trustee of the Elk Grove Village Public Library and on the Board of Directors of the North Suburban Library System, it was a natural fit to continue my work serving the libraries here in Fulton County.

Why do you feel library services are so important to the communities we serve?

I have always believed that a library is an essential pillar of our community. Libraries are a safe space where our citizens can come together to learn, study, and enhance their lives through books, exhibits, music, culture, and programming. The Fulton County Libraries are those pillars throughout the 34 facilities we operate. There is something for everyone and all ages. It is important that we keep libraries at the forefront of making an impact in our community. This is why I serve. I know the value the library system brings to our residents, and I want to be sure that continues for generations to come.

What is your favorite part of leading the board of such a large public library system?

The Fulton County Library System is the largest in the state. I am so proud to be part of such a dynamic board that continually strives to improve and bring the latest resources to our libraries. The impact and benefits I see our library system bring to the communities in Fulton County is the greatest gift of being on the board. 

What is your favorite thing to do with your library card? 

Being able to obtain a library card at a young age is so exciting. You treat that card like money and stash it away for your next trip to the library. I don’t believe you forget the first time finding that special book at the library; and bringing it up to the desk to check out with your very own library card. Libraries are not just about books anymore, but the same excitement is still there. Today, knowing that my library card can open the door to so many opportunities and broaden my perspective is my favorite thing.