STEAMy Summer Downloads

After the rains of last weekend, maybe you noticed the water on blacktop rising up as steam. If you or others around you have ever wondered why and how that happens, you may be interested in another kind of STEAM - the movement over the past decade to promote Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math education to Americans of all ages. This content isn't dry at all, and if you're looking for activities or just something new to watch as a family, you're in luck!

Fulton County Library System offers loads of STEAM education content in our digital library, and anyone can download some STEAMy summer entertainment at any time! With loads of eBooks from Hoopla, crafts from Creative Bug, and educational video from Access Video for Kids, this list is just a small sampler of the great educational resources the library offers for free that can occupy learners all summer long.

Of course, our Science Online and Today's Science platforms through Infobase are always available for timelines and graphics that easily embed into presentations or many Learning Management Systems like Google Classroom. Let the library be your first stop when searching for things to do while it's steamy outside.

Learn how to use static electricity to make a bell, to help things float, and light a lamp in this educational video that also explains lightning.