The Vast Tales of Many Peoples – Kirkwood Library’s AAPI Heritage Month Display

Fun Fact: Asia and the Pacific Islands together make up 60% of the world's entire population!

Understanding this, "The Vast Tales of Many Peoples," aims to break up this broad region and honor each locale and its diasporic ties, highlighting specifically those who directly represent our Asian-American, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Native Hawaiian author communities.

You can find a link to each regional display by clicking on the highlighted text below, and you can also come check out our rotating physical display at the Kirkwood Branch in the following weeks! Please note the timeline accordingly for release dates.

May 1st-8th Kirkwood's Display featured: South Asia, opens a new window

May 8th-15th Kirkwood's Display featured: Southeast Asia

May 16th-23rd Kirkwood's Display features: East Asia and the Pacific Islands of Guam, Tahiti, Fiji, and Hawai'i

May 24th-31st Kirkwood's Display will feature: West and Central Asia

Also included in this month's CCC (Curated Cultural Collection) are archives geared towards the younger readers and young adults. You can access these by clicking below!

Young Adults/Teens Collection

Young Readers Collection, opens a new window

Happy AAPI Heritage Month and Happy Reading!

By Maya P.