Parents may choose to opt their child out by completing this form. Opt-out forms are also available at the media center in your child’s school. Paper forms may be returned to your closest library branch. Choosing to opt your child out of this program limits your child’s access to free public library resources. Students may be encouraged to use Fulton County Library System resources to complete assignments, to support learning, and promote academic success. You are responsible for the way your child uses their CLASS PASS account. The Fulton County Library System attempts to provide appropriate material for all borrowers, but you, the parent or guardian, decide what material you want your child to check out, view in the library, or access through free streaming, downloading, or viewing services. Your child may use the CLASS PASS account to access the internet on library computers. Your responsibility includes monitoring the nature and content of material your child checks out and views online. You are also responsible to help them maintain the condition of borrowed materials.

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