Overdrive and the Libby App Comics eAudiobooks eBooks Library Card Required.

Starting February 1, all of our magazines from RB Digital will merge into Overdrive and the Libby ap!

Our most popular eBook and eAudiobook platform focuses on providing access to adult fiction and non-fiction, with a special emphasis on bestsellers. Users can check out up to fifteen titles at a time and carry an additional fifteen titles on hold. While wait times may appear to be long, eBooks and downloadable audio circulate faster than other materials. Please remember to return these digital loans as soon as they are finished to help those next in line!

Download the Libby app to access Overdrive titles on your favorite device. Looking for a popular series not available on this platform? Download Hoopla as well! While there are no wait times on Hoopla, users are limited to just ten checkouts on that platform per month.

In 2019, 470,596 eBooks and 273,957 eAudiobooks were checked out of Overdrive and the Libby app by Fulton County Library patrons.