5 Practices to Get Ready to Read

Children are ready to learn as soon as they are born. Studies have shown that there are 5 simple practices parents and caregivers can incorporate into their daily lives that will help get Every Child Ready to Read®

  1. Talking- Expand your child's vocabulary by talking to them throughout the day, exposing them to many different words.
  2. Singing- Rhyming and singing slows words down and helps children hear different sounds and rhythms.
  3. Reading- Don't stick only to books. Read everything you see including signs and labels to help your child understand the importance of print.
  4. Writing- Even scribbling or making a mark helps develop the fine motor skills that will be needed to write and helps children recognize the letters they see.
  5. Playing- Imaginative and make believe play provides an opportunity to use different words and to create a story or narrative of what they are doing.

Every Child Ready To Read® is an initiative of the Public Library Association (PLA) and the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC).