Benefits of Bubble Play

Babies and young children LOVE bubbles. I typically end my storytime by turning on a bubble machine and letting the children. While it is entertaining for me and the caregivers, it is also important for early childhood development.

Gross Motor Skills

Crawling or chasing after bubbles and trying to catch them helps develop the motor skills of babies and toddlers. This movement also helps children develop balance and body awareness.

Fine Motor Skills

By learning how to hold a wand and blow bubbles, toddles are using fine motor skills and working the muscles in their hands, mouth, and jaw.

Simple sensory play

Bubbles are an easy way to introduce sensory play to your child. They can see the iridescent colors of the bubble. They can feel them as they pop on their hands and bodies. Asking what they see and feel will help children learn how to communicate what they are experiencing.

Overall, bubbles are an easy and inexpensive way to interact with your child while preparing them for a successful future. You can even make bubbles with things you probably already have in your home!

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