April 9th – National Library Workers Day!

In our fast-paced world, it's easy to overlook the unsung heroes who make a huge impact on our lives. Librarians and Library Staff are one such group of amazing people who work tirelessly to provide us with access to information and knowledge. Whether it's finding resources for research projects, showing us how to navigate complex databases, Offering amazing events, and collecting great resources online, they always go above and beyond to help us out!

We want to do something special to recognize the hard work and dedication of these fantastic library workers, and we'd love for you to get involved. We're inviting you to nominate your favorite library worker and share your most cherished library memories on our social media platform using the hashtag #NLWD24 with words of gratitude for all library workers.

Whether it's the librarian who helped you find the perfect book for your project, the one who introduced you to your new favorite author, or the workers who work tirelessly to bring you great online content and programs, we want to hear your stories about how these wonderful people have made a difference in your life.


Let's take a moment to celebrate the exceptional contributions of these workers who have made our lives so much better. They deserve our gratitude and appreciation for their unwavering commitment and passion for their work. So, let's show them some love and recognition! #NLWD24

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