Book Review: Superheroes Are Everywhere by Kamala Harris

Looking for your next read? Check out Superheroes Are Everywhere by Kamala Harris, reviewed by Fulco Library staff, Leticia S.

When most people think about a superhero, they think of someone who can fly, who is incredibly strong, or who is faster than a train. But a superhero can be your family, friends, or teacher. Kamala Harris’ biography gives examples of how those around her became superheroes to her. Her mother was her hero because she made Kamala feel special. Kamala loved good food so her mother taught her secret recipes. She even let her cook some dishes herself!

Kamala's Harris favorite teacher was her first grade teacher, Mrs. Wilson. Mrs. Wilson taught her students about plants and flowers, sang song from other cultures, and taught the kids about how a tadpole transformed into a frog.

There are many more stories like this. Near the end of the book there is a Hero Code, children are asked to repeat. There is also a special page in the book that all ages will enjoy. There are pictures of Kamala Harris as a baby, child, and adult. Some of the people she mentions in this book are in these photos. This is a wonderful book that teaches kids that superheroes are just not on TV, in movies, or books. If you look at the people in your life they can teach you so many lessons you will use when you become an adult.

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Superheroes Are Everywhere

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