Celebrate 245 Years of Independence!

Want more than Fourth of July crafts to occupy you over the coming holiday? Why not celebrate 245 years of American independence by flexing your freedom of speech?

Check out our Issues & Controversies platform from Infobase, which offers an introduction, background, arguments, chronologies, and discussion questions all backed up by authoritative bibliographies for all your debates! Use Independence Day as an excuse to explore this platform, which not only informs arguments, but offers help with analyzing sources, presenting your research, and even offers templates for staging your own Town Hall.

In tabs across the top of each entry on present-day controversies you can find primary sources, media, infographics, editorials, and links to Reuters news articles to support your take on the debate. Issues and Controversies also offers keywords to help you search other platforms (like GALILEO), correctly formatted citations for cut-and-paste homework help, and a link to the state and national academic standards that can be met by studying any issue. Whenever you need to know more about our country's past or present, remember that Issues and Controversies is a great place to start gathering well-researched information.

At the bottom of each Issues and Controversies main article is a list of keywords to help you study up on the same subject in GALILEO, a citation generator, and links to educational standards.