Celebrate Earth Day by picking up a new skill!

Earth Day is April 22nd, this Friday! Last year, this blog highlighted how to use our online resources to build lesson plans around holidays. This year, we're focusing on the always available materials our patrons can download that are also environmentally friendly!

One of the best things we can do for the environment is to mend things we already have instead of buying new, or reuse things we might otherwise throw away. Learning to crochet or knit can be a fun way to repair or reuse sweaters or other yarn items around the house. Don't have any yarn? Try making plarn from plastic shopping bags! Worried about food waste? Try growing your own salad greens - that way they'll always be fresh, and any vegetable scraps can become compost. Gardening can have a lot of other benefits as well, and you might just feel more connected to the planet this Earth Day.