Central Author Talks: Chez Marc’s Quarantine Cookbook

We all found ways to cope in 2020; whether that was making sourdough bread from scratch or binge watching more shows and movies than we can count.  Some of us found ways to lean into our passions and learn and grow something we had already enjoyed.  For Marc Pollack, that was document all the cooking he was doing.  He would write down all of the recipes he was making until he had a list of over 100 unique recipes.  Then he realized he could turn it into a book; Chez Marc's Quarantine Cookbook.  If you want to be inspired to take satisfaction in the normal things you enjoy doing, and maybe even take those things to the next level, tune in to our Central Library Author Talks on Thursday February 18 at 7pm.  Librarian Amanda Densmore met up with Marc on Zoom to learn about his cooking and book writing process.  The video will be available to watch on Facebook on February 18 and beyond. 

To keep you inspired in the kitchen in the meantime, please enjoy this list of cookbooks, all available for check out at your local Fulton County Library Branch.