Director’s Blog: December 2021

Hello everyone. 

I can truly say, in the words of the great Carol Burnett’s closing theme song, "I'm so glad we had this time together.” The time we’ve had together is the year 2021. I am glad because we made it through many shared experiences. It has been such a year of challenges, changes, losses, renewals, breakthroughs, and yes, some laughter and some fun. Now we come to the final chapter of this sometimes perplexing year, December.  This month brings with it the real start of winter, the promise of joy, family traditions, and lots of things wrapped in bows! 

It is my hope that December kick starts fun, food, and fancy that will help all of us glide into the end of the year as if sliding on snow.  Hot cocoa, warm sweaters, boots, mittens, a great book, family, friends, and our pets, will help us find our way into 2022. 

Special thanks always goes out to each of you for making the Library a part of your lives.  You could go almost anywhere, but many times you make the libraries your stop-off point.  We are always glad to see you, greet you, and assist you. 

The works of some of your favorite authors are just inside our doors.  Those classics you continue to say you will read soon, await you.  Your children and grandchildren would love to know your secret seat inside your favorite library. Bring them in to see your favorite spot. Stay awhile; browse awhile; check out some materials. Have fun with your selections and rest assured there will be others waiting for you next time. 

Happy Holidays!