Director’s Blog: December 2022

Hello and welcome to December.  I hope you love it as much as I do. 

This time of year, I am like a child in a candy store!  From the first day of the month, I start to feel a giddiness, and nothing seems to make me very tired or irritable.  It is as if I am being drawn to a grand conclusion. 

As I think about the grand conclusion, I believe it has to do with the anticipation of time to relax, be with family and friends, and gather myself inward, to those places of fun and excitement.  I know that many things still must be done, at work and at home.  But I do not mind.  It seems that everything is possible, and if not, I can refuse to worry so much about it. 

Each December seems to be the start of a short book with only a few chapters.  They are the “chapters” that I subconsciously write to serve to memorialize holiday experiences.  You are encouraged to create the chapters of your holiday season in your mind, journal, or as the start of a novel, or script. 

Stop by a library and checkout books on holiday cooking, decorating, or party planning. Also, this may be the time you use to knit; crochet or sew.  Whatever you do with yourself and your time, during this season, it is hoped that you will find everything that you need it to be.  As the long days linger, it is a good time to pick up one of the classics of literature to finish or to begin. 

Enjoy food, fun, and fancy.  Remember what the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare, said:

“Small cheer and great welcome make a merry feast!"

Happy holidays……