Director’s Blog: January 2023

The new year arrived after many weather events around the country closed out the old year. 

As those occurrences brought 2022 to its conclusion, it occurred to me that the last 4-6 years have allowed us to learn a lot, about a lot of things, if we wanted to do so.

Learning curves were the result of various happenings in the nation as well as the world and served as civics lessons; political intrigue; and fostered scientific information and ideas along with forays into medical practice and research; astronomy; and the weather.  The pandemic found many of us seeking information on medicines; diseases; treatments; and ailments.  Some people got back into the mode of exercising and being very concerned with nutrition.

It is wonderful to note that libraries never lost their ability to help people with their personal interests and reading needs.  Some of you made non-fiction resources your go-to materials. One example of that was your active participation in the Library System’s inaugural One Book, One Read program, sponsored by the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library Foundation. The book was Caste, the Origins of our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson. 

And, of course, sometimes some of us wanted to quiet the heavy reading and settled down with a great read from the fiction titles.  My challenge was finding time to be still and read.

This new year will see a return to the One Book, One Read program.  You are encouraged to stay tuned for the title of the newest selection.  The Children’s Book Festival will return, as will the annual Summer Reading Program.  There will be more information about them in the coming months.

The staff continues to work on enhancing collections and on creating and presenting innovative programming for all ages.  The Strategic Plan, completed near the end of last year, is the road map for this Library System to move forward.  The plan will direct the impact that will be made in the areas of Early Literacy; Digital Literacy and Inclusion; and Collaborative Learning. 

No matter the storms that may come in 2023, the Fulton County Library System stands ready to be a destination place for you.  Stop by, or check us out online at